Aukro WebAPI


This method allows for loading a list of parameters available for the selected category in the indicated country. Chosen parameters can be used to build a filter used when listing the category content with the doShowCat method.

  1. countryId | Integer | required
    Country identifier (a list of country identifiers can be loaded using the doGetCountries method).
  2. webapiKey | String | required
    User's WebAPI key.
  3. localVersion | Long
    Outdated parameter (it is required to enter any value appropriate for the parameter type).
  4. catId | Integer | required
    Category identifier.
  1. sellFormFields | SellFormType[]
    Array of structures containing information on parameters of the given category.
    1. sellFormId | Integer
      Field identifier.
    2. sellFormTitle | String | required
      Field name.
    3. sellFormCat | Integer
      Identifier of category to which the field refers (it also relates to all subcategories of this category). 0 means that the parameter refers to all the categories.
    4. sellFormType | Integer
      Definition of a field type in sale form (1 - string, 2 - integer, 3 - float, 4 - combobox, 5 - radiobutton, 6 - checkbox, 7 - image (base64Binary), 8 - text (textarea), 9 - datetime (Unix time), 13 - date).
    5. sellFormResType | Integer
      Indication of a field type where the selected field value should be provided (1 - string, 2 - integer, 3 - float, 7 - image (base64Binary), 9 - datetime (Unix time), 13 - date).
    6. sellFormDefValue | Integer
      Default field value (for such fields as combobox/radiobutton/checkbox - on the basis of sellFormOptsValues).
    7. sellFormOpt | Integer
      Information on whether the field is obligatory (1 - obligatory, 8 - optional).
    8. sellFormPos | Integer
      Field position on the list of fields in the sale form. 0 means that sorting is alphabetical.
    9. sellFormLength | Integer
      Acceptable size (in characters) of the field value to be provided.
    10. sellMinValue | String | required
      Minimum field value to be provided (it refers to such fields as: int, float, combobox, checkbox, date; 0 means there is no lower limit).
    11. sellMaxValue | String | required
      Maximum field value to be provided (it refers to such fields as: int, float, combobox, checkbox, date; 0 means there is no upper limit).
    12. sellFormDesc | String | required
      Description of subsequent values that may be set for a field (it refers to such fields as combobox/radiobutton/checkbox).
    13. sellFormOptsValues | String | required
      Indication of specific values (relevant for descriptions mentioned above) which can be set for a particular field (it refers to such fields as combobox/radiobutton/checkbox; for checkbox fields, subsequent values can be summed up).
    14. sellFormFieldDesc | String | required
      Detailed field description.
    15. sellFormParamId | Integer
      Unique field identifier.
    16. sellFormParamValues | String | required
      Unique and fixed parameter value identifiers (it refers to such fields as combobox/radiobutton/checkbox).
    17. sellFormParentId | Integer
      Parent parameter identifier (his sellFormParamId - only for dependent parameters not being on top of hierarchy. If a parameter is not a dependent one or if it can be found on top of hierarchy of dependent parameters, 0 value will be returned in the field).
    18. sellFormParentValue | String | required
      Parent parameter value for which a related parameter can be used (only for dependent parameters. If a parameter is not a dependent one no value will be returned in the field).
    19. sellFormUnit | String | required
      Parameter unit (if it has been specified).
    20. sellFormOptions | Integer
      Additional parameter properties: 1 - dependent parameter; 2 - checkbox type parameter using the OR operator (with a possible selection of one or several values), if the value are not set parameter action is based on the AND operator; 6 - checkbox type parameter with a possible selection of only one value (in practice: combobox); 8 - range parameter.
  2. verKey | Long
    Version key value relevant for a selected country and WebAPI key provided.
  3. verStr | String | required
    Component version of sale form fields relevant for a WebAPI key provided.
    Incorrect category identifier.
    Incorrect country identifier (indicated country is not included or null/empty value has been passed in a parameter).
    Expiry date of WebAPI key has been exceeded (not applicable PL).
    Problems with Allegro database.
    Invalid value of WebAPI key or WebAPI key has been blocked.
    WebAPI key used to generate the session has been deactivated (the key owner has not accepted WebAPI User Agreement).
    Problems with Aukro WebAPI service.