Aukro WebAPI


his method allows for loading a list of withdrawals (consisting of payments made by buyers via PayU) for transactions made within offers of a logged user. A list of withdrawals (about 50) from the previous week (in case when the time range is not set) is loaded by default, sorted in a descending order by their completion time. That list can be filtered by the time range of withdrawals. When the start date (transCreateDateFrom) is replaced by a particular value and 0 is passed as the end date (transCreateDateTo), a list of withdrawals made between the provided date and 7 successive days will be returned. In reverse case (when 0 is passed as a start day and an end date has a particular value) a list of withdrawals made between the end date and 7 preceding days will be returned. When providing particular values for both start and end date, a list of withdrawals completed in that period will be returned (the set period cannot exceed 30 days).

  1. sessionHandle | String | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. transCreateDateFrom | Long
    Start date of time range (in the Unix time format) to load a list of withdrawals.
  3. transCreateDateTo | Long
    End date of time range (in the Unix time format) to load a list of withdrawals.
  4. transPageLimit | Integer
    Size of data portion (min. 1, max. 49; by entering 0 or a value outside the range sets the size portion to default value: 50).
  5. transOffset | Integer
    Controlling (through the incrementation of provided value) the process of loading new data portions (portion numbers are indexed from 0).
  1. payTransPayout | UserPayoutStruct[]
    1. payTransId | Long
      PayU transaction identifier.
    2. payTransStatus | String | required
      PayU transaction status.
    3. payTransAmount | BigDecimal | required
      Amount of user's withdrawal.
    4. payTransCreateDate | Long
      Date of creating PayU transaction (in the Unix time format).
    5. payTransRecvDate | Long
      Date of completing PayU transaction (in the Unix time format).
    6. payTransCancelDate | Long
      Date of cancelling PayU transaction (in the Unix time format, -1 when the transaction has not been cancelled).
    7. payTransReport | String | required
      Link to a report with a list of payments from buyers forming the current withdrawal.
    Incorrect range of dates (the range between start and end date exceeds 90 days, end date equals or precedes the start date or provided values are lower than 0).
    Problems with Allegro database.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    WebAPI key used to generate the session has been deactivated (the key owner has not accepted WebAPI User Agreement).