Aukro WebAPI


This method allows to list an offer based on already existing offers. Because of particular mechanism of relisting offers, offers identifiers that are returned on output are in fact identifiers of offers serving as base for listing new offers, therefore these are not identifiers of newly listed offers. In order to check the identifier of a newly listed offer you need to give it a local identifier while calling doSellSomeAgain and use it in the doVerifyItem method.

  1. sessionHandle | String | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. sellItemsArray | Long[] | required
    Array of identifiers of offers to be relisted (max. 25).
  3. sellStartingTime | Long
    Offer listing date (in the Unix time format). When offers are to be listed right away, pass 0.
  4. sellAuctionDuration | Integer | required
    Offer duration time expressed in days (acceptable values: 3, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 21 - last for: Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia).
  5. sellOptions | Integer | required
    Parameter allowing to indicate additional actions to be taken after relisting offer (1 - remove source offers from the proper tab of My Allegro, 2 - send e-mail confirming listing offer, 3 - both).
  6. localIds | Integer[]
    Array of local identifiers to be additionally assigned to offers (range: 1-9999999999999).
  7. sellProlongOptions | Integer
  1. itemsSellAgain | StructSellAgain[]
    Array of structures containing information on relisted offers.
    1. sellItemId | Long
      Identifier of an offer on which basis a new offer has been listed.
    2. sellItemInfo | String | required
      Information on costs related to listing an offer.
    3. sellItemLocalId | Integer
      Value of an assigned local identifier (to use in doVerifyItem).
  2. itemsSellFailed | StructSellFailed[]
    Array of structures containing information on not relisted offers.
    1. sellItemId | Long
      Identifier of an offer on which basis a new offer was supposed to be listed.
    2. sellFaultCode | String | required
      Error code indicating a reason of the failure.
    3. sellFaultString | String | required
      Error message describing a reason of the failure.
  3. itemsSellNotFound | Long[]
    Array of identifiers of not relisted offers (indicated offers were not created by a logged-in user or provided identifiers were incorrect).
    You cannot list multi-item auction or restrictions not allowing for listing multi-item auctions are imposed on the given category.
    User with blocked Company sign cannot list new offers.
    User with blocked possibility of sale on his account cannot list new offers.
    User's account is blocked.
    No category identifier, identifier is incorrect or it is not the lowest-level category.
    It is impossible to feature the offer on the category page due to insufficient funds on an account required to make a payment in advance (relating to the Czech Republic).
    Balance account is too low to list an offer (relating to Ukraine and Bulgaria).
    It is impossible to feature offer on a department site due to too low user score (at least 5 points).
    'Feature' option cannot be set due to no full account activation (relates to Russia).
    Incorrect (too distant) offer start date (max. 30 days ahead).
    This is an Allegro shop offer. Here you may list only non-shop offers.
    Not a single offer identifier has been provided.
    Incorrect value of a field setting the offer's duration time.
    Incorrect value of a field setting automatic offer relisting in a shop.
    The number of identifiers in the localIds array differs from the number of provided offer identifiers.
    The number of offer identifiers exceeds the acceptable limit (max. 25).
    User of a Junior account cannot list an offer in the selected category (restrictions concern the following categories: Real estate, Cars, Motorcycles, Other vehicles and boats, Tobacco, Weapon, Air rifles, Erotica).
    Limit of 50 PLN for listing offers imposed on Junior account users has been exceeded.
    Problems with Allegro database.
    You need to select an appropriate payment method for selected COD options.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    Incorrect characters in auction's title. All the characters must be present in the alphabet used in a country of a logged-in user.
    Account balance is too low to list an offer with paid 'Featuring' options (the Czech Republic and Russia)..
    Required parameter for this category is missing.
    An error occurred during the photo upload. Please refer to the error message for more details.
    In order to list offers in the OTC drugs category you must have the Company account.
    In order to list offers in the OTC drugs category you must have active Pharmacy status.
    In the OTC drugs category only Buy it Now! offers can be listed.
    In order to list offers in the OTC drugs category you must take part in the Aukro+ programme and listed items cannot be in other condition than new (the Czech Republic).
    Incorrect delivery costs (you need to provide the cost in all three fields: first item, next item, number of items in parcel – or only for one item).
    No photo data.
    Incorrect (too distant future) date of offer's start (max. 30 days ahead).
    The general limit of offers scheduled for listing (1000) in a selected 5-minute pool has been exceeded.
    The number of offers listed by a user without full account activation has been exceeded (relating to Russia).
    The single (per user) limit of offers scheduled for listing (1000) has been exceeded.
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).
    Problems with Aukro WebAPI service.