Aukro WebAPI


This method allows for loading information on feedback left or received by any user. By default, the full list (or limited to a certain type) of feedback is returned, sorted descending by time when they were left. The initial place to start loading the list of feedback can be controlled using the feedbackOffset parameter. You need to provide user’s identifier in only one parameter: feedbackFrom or feedbackTo. The first one - when you want to load information on feedback left by a user. The second one - when you want to load information on feedback received by a user.

  1. sessionHandle | String
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. feedbackFrom | Integer | required (non-required if feedbackTo has been provided)
    User's identifier - in case when information on feedback left by the given user is to be loaded.
  3. feedbackTo | Integer | required (non-required if feedbackFrom has been provided)
    User's identifier - in case when information on feedback received by the given user is to be loaded.
  4. feedbackOffset | Integer
    Parameter which allows for setting the initial position to start loading the feedback list. The parameter's value indicates feedback (taking into account the method of sorting the list - descending sort by the date of posting) to start loading the list with (feedback is indexed from 0).
  5. feedbackKindList | String
    Type of returned feedback list (POS - positive, NEG - negative, NEU - neutral, ALL - all; ALL is set by default).
  1. feedbackList | FeedbackList[]
    Array of structures containing information on feedback left by a logged-in user.
    1. fId | Integer
      Feedback identifier.
    2. fItemId | Long
      Offer identifier.
    3. fFromId | Integer
      Identifier of a user leaving feedback.
    4. fToId | Integer
      Identifier of a user receiving feedback.
    5. fDate | Long
      Date of leaving feedback (in the Unix time format).
    6. fType | String | required
      Type of feedback (POS - positive, NEG - negative, NEU - neutral). The type of cancelled feedback is not returned.
    7. fDesc | String | required
      Feedback content.
    8. fCorrectDate | Long
      Feedback reply date (in the Unix time format) or 0 if there is no reply.
    9. fCorrectText | String | required
      Content of feedback reply (or NULL if there is no reply).
    10. fReceiverType | String | required
      Feedback recipient (SELLER, BUYER).
    11. fUserLogin | String | required
    12. fUserRating | String | required
      User's score.
    13. fUserCountry | String | required
      Identifier of a user's country.
    14. fUserBlocked | Integer
      User's account status (1 - blocked account, 0 - active account).
    15. fUserSseller | Integer
      Information on whether the user participates in the Super Seller program (1 - user is a Super Seller, 0 - user is not a Super Seller).
    16. fCancelled | Long
      Information on cancelling feedback with the event's date (0 - feedback is not cancelled, any other value - date and time of cancelling a feedback in the Unix time format).
  2. feedbackCount | Integer
    Number of certain type feedbacks left or received by the indicated user.
    User identifier has been provided in two parameters (feedbackFrom and feedbackTo) - only one field should be filled out.
    Problems with Allegro database.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    Invalid user identifier.
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).
    Problems with Aukro WebAPI service.