Aukro WebAPI


This method allows buyers to leave feedback for a seller, the other transaction party. The buyer, apart from leaving feedback, is also obliged to evaluate particular transaction’s areas. Moreover, this method supports the use of a fixed positive feedback template (its language version depends on a site a user is logged in), instead of writing the content manually (any manually provided content will be replaced with the default template text).

  1. sessionHandle | String | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. feItemId | Long | required
    Identifier of an offer which will receive feedback.
  3. feUseCommentTemplate | Integer
    Information on whether the space for typing in a positive comment (only for feCommentType=POS) should be filled with a standard feedback template prepared by Allegro: Transaction successful. I recommend. (1 - use template, 0 - type in positive comment).
  4. feToUserId | Integer | required
    Identifier of a user who will receive feedback.
  5. feComment | String | (not required if feUseCommentTemplate = 1)
    Identifier of a user who will receive feedback.
  6. feCommentType | String | required
    Type of feedback (POS - positive, NEG - negative).
  7. feOp | Integer | required
    Side which will receive feedback (1 - feedback for seller, 2 - value is outdated).
  8. feRating | SellRatingEstimationStruct[] | non-required (required when feOp = 1)
    Array of structures containing information on evaluation of selected sale areas.
    1. sellRatingGroupId | Integer | required
      Identifier of a sale area (a list of sale area identifiers can be obtained by using the doGetSellRatingReasons method). If delivery is free, costs 0 PLN or in case when a seller pays for it - when this field's value is set to 4 (Delivery cost), and sellRatingGroupEstimation is set to < 5, the note in this area will be automatically changed into 5 regardless the sent data.
    2. sellRatingGroupEstimation | Integer | required
      Evaluation of sale area (acceptable scope: 1-5).
    3. sellRatingReasonId | Integer | non-required (required when sellRatingGroupEstimation < 4)
      Identifier of a reason for transaction dissatisfaction related to a given area (a list of reason identifiers an be obtained by using the doGetSellRatingReasons method). The identifier should be passed for sale area note that is lower than 4. For note 4 or 5 the value passed in this field will be ignored.
  1. feedbackId | Integer
    Left feedback identifier.
    It is impossible to leave feedback because the offer has been transferred from the WP platform.
    It is impossible to leave feedback because the offer has been removed by an administrator.
    User whose account has been blocked cannot use this method.
    One party had already left feedback but it has been cancelled by the mutual agreement of both parties.
    It is impossible to leave feedback because the transaction has violated the User Agreement. Please contact Allegro using the contact form.
    Feedback had been left earlier but an administrator has removed it. List of available reasons.
    The allowed size of comment has been exceeded (about 250 characters).
    One of the words in your feedback is too long. Verify and correct the content of your feedback.
    Incorrect characters in the comment's content. All characters must be present in the alphabet used in a country of a logged user.
    Forbidden words in the comment's content (vulgarisms, URLs).
    Incorrect offer identifier or user's identifier you wish to leave feedback for.
    User participating in the indicated offer has already received feedback.
    We are sorry, but it is no longer possible to leave neutral feedback.
    Problems with Allegro database.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    No sale evaluation or it is incomplete or fill out with errors.
    No identifier for transaction dissatisfaction (in case when the evaluation of the sale area is below 4) or the provided identifier is incorrect.
    No selected type or there is no feedback content.
    You cannot leave feedback, as you acted a seller in one of the transactions.
    You can use template only for posting a positive comment.
    No feedback recipient.
    This user has not registered an account on the site.
    No user with such identifier.
    Selected user is not the buyer in the indicated offer.
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).
    Problems with Aukro WebAPI service.