Aukro WebAPI


This method allows for loading information from the event log on a number of events related to after-sale forms starting from the set (in the journalStart parameter) initial point (it takes into consideration oldest 10,000 events - starting from the provided initial point) in a context of a logged-in user. To set the initial point for the process of loading information on number of events (in order to get to the most recent) the journalStart parameter has to pass the appropriate dealEventId value returned while calling the doGetSiteJournalDeals method.

  1. sessionId | String | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. journalStart | Long
    Staring point which allows for controlling the start time of loading information on the number of events related to after-sale form (its value is provided in the dealEventId field returned by the doGetSiteJournalDeals method).
  1. siteJournalDealsInfo | SiteJournalDealsInfoStruct | required
    Structure containing information on number of events related to after-sale forms.
    1. dealEventsCount | Integer
      Number of events that have taken place since the provided starting point.
    2. dealLastEventTime | Long
      Date of the most recent event (in the Unix time format).
    Incorrect value for the start point.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).
    Problems with Aukro WebAPI service.