Aukro WebAPI


This method allows for loading identifiers of after-sales forms previously completed by a logged-in user (arranged chronologically - the latest on top). It can be used e.g. for pre-filling out a new form with data selected earlier by the user.

  1. sessionId | String | required
    User's session identifier received using the doLogin(Enc) method.
  2. paymentType | Integer | required
    Payment method for which all delivery and payment option forms are to be returned (mask: 1 - PayU, 2 -standard transfer, 4 - COD).
  3. userRole | Integer | required
    Role of a logged-in user in a context of loaded forms (1 - seller, 2 - buyer).
  4. fillingTimeFrom | Long
    Start date of time range (in the Unix time format) to load a list of filled-out after-sale forms.
  5. fillingTimeTo | Long
    End date of time range (in the Unix time format) to stop loading a list of filled-out after-sale forms.
  1. filledPostBuyForms | FilledPostBuyFormsStruct | required
    Structure with identifiers of after-sale forms that have been filled out
    1. transactionIds | Long[]
      Transaction ID array. Details of each transaction can be obtained using doGetPostBuyFormsDataForSellers methods.
    Incorrect payment method identifier.
    Incorrect or empty role of a logged user.
    Internal system error due to loading PayU transactions.
    Invalid session identifier or the session has expired.
    The session-generating WebAPI key has been deactivated (the owner did not accept the User Agreement).